International News!

traditional fishing boat

This boat is the traditional shape that has been used for centuries

I am writing from the beautiful seaside village of Kep in Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand. I have been visiting the mountainous province of Kampot and have been offline most of the time. Good to disconnect for awhile but great to be able to reconnect when visiting the seaside.



Monument Books

A Cambodian bookseller picks up A is for Aboriginal

Big international news. Made my first sale in a foreign land.! Monument Books, a Cambodian company, with stores around the country and in Laos and Myanmar has ordered 14 copies and although a relatively small order it is significant to me that it could find an audience in south east asia.

The manager, Mr. William Bagley, was very helpful in explaining the intricacies of book marketing and distribution in this part of the world. Certainly a challenge but not an impossibility.  Thanks William.